Why you should be using online recruitment to find staff

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The economy is clearly on the upturn. But the downside is a shortage of personnel. With so many companies looking for staff, workers are in short supply. There are currently 126 job openings for every 100 unemployed people. So how do you make sure your job advert stands out from hundreds of others? Read all about how the Sterk in Matches online recruitment strategy provides you with opportunities here.

What is online recruitment?

Online recruitment is a modern, low-cost way to recruit staff. Data is used to understand the needs and online journey of potential employees so that an effective online recruitment campaign can be created. As online marketing creates so many opportunities, there are various options for online recruitment strategy implementation. These include advertisements on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, among others. With the right landing page, recruiting staff through Google advertising is also a possibility.

The benefits of online recruitment

  • • Lower chance of a mismatch
  • • Personal approach
  • • Online visibility
  • • Options for specific targeting
  • • Saves time and money
  • • Faster recruitment
  • • Extensive reach
  • • Reaches non-jobseekers

Job boards are a thing of the past

In this modern world, recruitment requires a different approach As mentioned above, there are pressures on the labour market, meaning that workers can choose from a wider range of job openings. For a very long time, job boards were an effective online recruitment tool. But now the number of job boards, the huge quantities of vacancies and labour market shortages are making it more difficult to recruit staff this way. Efforts to recruit workers online through a job board often have limited success. At Sterk in Matches, we take a different tack, making effective use of social media to recruit the right people!

What is social media recruitment?

Social media recruitment is a form of online recruitment that uses social media networks (such as Facebook and LinkedIn) to recruit employees. If you scroll through your own Facebook feed, you’ll see one vacancy after another: “’Are you or do you know the account manager we’re looking for?” or “Service engineer wanted!”. Employers and employees are finding each other through social media channels more and more often.

Sterk in Matches has noted that social media recruitment is now one of the most effective ways to find new staff, if not the most effective way. This is why we like to use this online recruitment method for recruiting staff for businesses.

Social media recruitment via Facebook and LinkedIn

Sterk in Matches uses social media recruitment primarily on Facebook and LinkedIn. We use demographic data, interests and online behaviour to reach the ideal candidate for any job openings. If the candidate won’t come to the job advert, we take the job advert to the candidate.

This online recruitment method uses advertisements with strong visuals to appeal to people and to prompt them to take action. We use your images to create attractive visuals and the job advert text is reformulated to become appealing content. While browsing various news items and posts from friends and acquaintances, users see the job advert in their feed.

The great advantage of social media recruitment is that it can also reach people who are not actively looking for a new job. Your advertisement may well persuade specific individuals to apply for your vacancy even though they previously had no intention of changing jobs.

The importance of a good landing page in online recruitment

When it comes to online recruitment, the details of the job posting are not the only important element: a good landing page with additional background information can increase the appeal of your vacancy. This is why Sterk in Matches always ensures that a personalised landing page with a comprehensive job description and terms of employment can be found behind the advertisement. We also use images to give an impression of the organisation, ensuring that this comes across well to the applicant. Take a look at the landing page for Disaronno below.


On the personalised landing page, we make sure that the most important aspects immediately stand out. These might be a call to action (‘Apply today’) and key USPs, such as the number of holidays, the salary and any training opportunities.

Using Google Ads

In addition to using social media marketing for online recruitment, we also like to use Google Ads. The personalised landing page is useful for this too.

The great advantage of Google Ads is that the people reached are actively searching for a job. If you are looking for ICT professionals, for example, we focus on keywords relating to ICT and vacancies. The chances are that anyone clicking on your advertisement will actually be interested in your vacancy and will apply.

Getting started with online recruitment

Keen to start using online recruitment and enthusiastic about our approach? Sterk in Matches will be happy to manage the online recruitment process for you. We’d be delighted to tell you more about online recruitment and our approach. Feel free to contact us so we can discuss how we can recruit suitable staff for your business.

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