Want to win over customers? These top 10 tips will make you stronger!

Win customers over

Having a good product or service to recommend is one thing; convincing customers that they are actually as good as you say they are is another. But it’s not always just about putting forward the best arguments. Thinking about how to win over others is equally as important. These tips are sure to put you on the right track! In no time at all, you’ll be winning over customers and feeling confident that your offer is one they can’t refuse.

You can learn to win over customers

Persuasion is not a talent you are born with – almost anyone can learn this skill. It’s about learning how to influence others in a positive way so you can achieve your goals. You can achieve so much more if you are truly persuasive! So start using these 10 tips for winning people over today.

Want to be persuasive? Identify an icebreaker

Start with a good opening topic that you know will appeal to the other person. This could be an anecdote, a joke, a statement or a question. What’s important is that the other person becomes interested in listening to you.

Have your arguments ready

Arguments are one of the tools you use to win over your customers. Preparation is therefore half the battle! Explain why the customer can’t do without the product or service. Indicate why your organisation is the very best. Is privacy properly safeguarded? Are other customers very satisfied? Use specific aspects for persuading customers.

Act like an expert

Someone who exudes expertise and knows what they are talking about comes across as more convincing. Put together a number of facts and details to serve as eye-openers and highlight aspects that you know a lot about. Rely on your own knowledge and expertise when persuading customers.

Be reliable

Customers need to feel that they can trust you and that you are honest. Be clear about what you do know and don’t bluff about things you know nothing about. Being honest will help you to convince your customers.

Provide evidence and demonstrate the benefits

You can win over customers by providing them with evidence – reviews, great collaborations and testimonials, for instance. Make sure you know the relevant facts and figures, and explain the benefits your product or service will bring to the other party.

Create a good atmosphere

You are the one directing the conversation, so make sure the atmosphere is a pleasant one. Make time for little jokes, smiles and compliments. Take an active attitude and don’t be afraid to lead the conversation.

Listen carefully

You can win over customers by talking, and also by listening carefully. Repeat questions and give yourself some time to think about a good answer. Allow the other person to speak too. That way they will feel heard.

Non-verbal communication is key

Conversations are not just about the words being spoken. Body language is important too. Look the other person straight in the eye, keep your shoulders straight, and use your hands during the conversation. Make eye contact and relax. This will help you to really win over your customer.

Speak calmly and clearly

Make sure you don’t rattle off your story. Speak calmly – keeping your breathing steady is incredibly important in this respect. Talking in a calm manner will inspire confidence and trust in your expertise. Don’t be afraid of the occasional silence. Rather than indicating weakness, silences bring a calm and pacing to the conversation.

Go that extra mile

You really win over customers when you deliver what you promise. So it’s important to provide aftercare too. Demonstrate that your story actually delivers results and check what your customers thought of the product or service.

Start winning over customers

To sum up, persuasion really comes down to using the right conversational techniques for inciting customers to take action, without coming across as untrustworthy. So it’s about persuading others of the vision you have. This might seem a little nerve-racking at first, but if you practise a few times you’ll soon get the hang of it! Customer persuasion is, after all, nothing more than a learnable skill.

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